Solenoid Controlled Boltlock

Annulation key - DC

This lock can work at 24, 48, 110 or 220VDC.  When solenoid is not energized, the bolt is OUT.

Once the solenoid is energized, the bolt go IN. 

In the drawing it is shown the standard bolt length (solenoid not energized = initial position). We can 

personalize the bolt length


We can provide other voltages on request.


Nominal voltage (standard values): Vcc 12, 24, 110, 125, 135, 220 

                                                    Vac 220

Absortion of the coil at 20°C  Amp 0.8 (12Vcc), 0.6 (24Vcc)

Power of the coil at 20°C  Watt 9.6 (12Vcc), 14.5 (24Vcc)

Temperature of coil at work  80 to 90°C (environment at 20°C)

DUTY factor     100%

Travel of the core    12mm

Force at starting position  5N

Pre-charge at starting position 0.8N

Charge force at end travel  2N

IP Protection of the solenoid  IP30

Isolation of coil    Class H-200°C

All unspecificed measures are done in ambient 20°C

All measures are nominal

Please contact us for special functions or special coils


Specific References