Camlock With Electrical Feedback

Description and Technical Features

Attachment to panel by screw.

Electrical contact: 1 normally open and 1 normally closed.

Direction of key rotation: 1/4 turn to the right.

Weight: 250g.


 - Body: Stainless steel 304.

Type of switch: HONEYWELL ZM Series

Microswitch SNAP ACTION

Switches features: with lever

Contacts confguration: SPDT

AC contacts rating @R: 5A/250VAC, DC contacts rating

@R: 5A/30VDC

Switching method: ON-(ON)

IP rating: IP40

LIFE : 10 millions cycles

Body dimensions: 19.8x6.4x9.5mm

Operating temperature: -40 to 120°C

Lever length: 16.7mm

Leads: for soldering


Specific References