These locks should be used as part of an integrated safety system
The KLS locks are not designed for securitypurposes, such as a safe or external access to a building.
No hazardous substances were used in the manufacture of this product.

Before installation:
It is necessary to proceed to a test of the interlock system to verify the correct logic of the system, and to certify it is adequate to the compatibility process of manufacture (vibrations, dust, humidity, pressure ...), so that the protection of man and machine is assured.

- That combinations of the locks you received are not already in use on site.
Having a double key on the site is extrememly dangerous, it will allow mixing of safety procedures and ulti-mately destroy both safety procedures.
- that the wiring of the solenoid is properly done and that solenoid works properly, before installing
- That the key locks and latches are well trapped, so to get there at the right time during the process of intervention on the machine or in the danger zone.
- That the electrical contacts are properly actuated in the proper sequence.

Installation of equipment:
This lock must be installed by a competent and qualified person who has read and understood these instructions.
Please retain this document in your technical documentation.

Periodic visual checks should be carried out by the safety personnel.
Do not lubricate lock barrel with oil or grease, use CK Dry Powder Graphite if necessary.
In case of any defects detected please contact your nearest KLS Group office.
See contact details on the end of this document.

We, the manufacturers, declare that the components, detailed herein and placed on the market, comply with all the essential health and safety requirements applying to them.

Name  : Daniel Bratanov
Function  : Factory manager

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