Our Guards and Interlocks are designed according to the following standards.

UNI EN 953              Safety Of Machinery - Guards - General Requirements For The Design And                                            

Construction Of Fixed And Movable Guards

UNI EN ISO 12100.1/2         Safety Of Machinery - Basic Concepts, General Principles For Design

UNI EN ISO 1384941.1            Safety Of Machinery - Safety-Related Parts Of Control Systems - 

                                          Part 1: General Principles For Design

CEI EN 60204.1             Safety Of Machinery - Electrical Equipment Of Machinery - 

                                          Part 1: General Principles

UNI EN ISO 13857             Safety Of Machinery - Safety Distances To Prevent Hazard Zones Being               

                                          Reached By Upper And Lower Limbs

UNI EN 349              Safety Of Machinery - Minimum Gaps To Avoid Crushing Of Parts Of The              

                                         Human Body

DIRECTIVE 2006/42/EC        Machinery Directive