KLS Group is a specialist in interlocking

Present in many countries directly and in the majority of industrialized areas with a network of agents and resellers, KLS is your local partner for safety interlocks.

Currently the safety of machines, plants and systems employed in industry depends more on the correct functioning of the main control systems. 

Inadequate maintenance work can lead to serious risks, jeopardizing both capital investments and the lives of employees. 

To minimize risk, the relevant safety systems must meet or exceed requirements for functional safety.

Interlocking systems are one of the most complete safety systems available to eliminate risk and prevent injury.

KLS is a global leader in key interlock applications. The key interlocking systems utilize locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure 

safe operation.

In view of this mission, few priorities reflect the fundamental values shared by the whole Group:

  • Be creative and innovate constantly
  • Aim for product excellence
  • Promote cultural respect and valuing people
  • Let our employees express their passions, their dreams and dedication
  • Promote the exchange of people and their sustainability
  • Strive to be the best in all we do.

Willingness to excel, refusal of mediocrity.