Camlocks are normally used on circuit  breakers. 

They can also be used for switches and earthing switches on most medium-voltage switchgear.

A cam is usually fixed on the driver. 

Cams are generally used to lock a device or, for example, to cover the hole where the handle of a switch is inserted. 

In order to reduce the camlock’s length, rings can be added to the threaded part of the lock. 

The direction of rotation of the camlock is different depending on the function and the make of the equipment to be fitted. 

A switch can be added to the lock. 

Rotating the key 90° changes the status of the switch.


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<p><b>Description</b></p> <p>Double ended profile cylinders are used on  outdoor cabinet and substation or power rooms, as part of an interlocking scheme. </p> <p>5 pin mechanism and key for 80000 key differs</p> <p>Driver cam made of sintered metal</p> <p>3 nickel plated keys</p> <p><strong>Finish</strong> ; Brass or nickel plated supplied with fixing screw M5x10</p> <p><b>WEIGHT : 230 gr</b></p> <p></p>


<p>Description and Technical Features</p> <p>Attachment to panel by screw.</p> <p>Electrical contact: 1 normally open and 1 normally closed.</p> <p>Direction of key rotation: 1/4 turn to the right.</p> <p>Weight: 250g.</p> <p>Material:</p> <p> - Body: Stainless steel 304.</p> <p>Type of switch: HONEYWELL ZM Series</p> <p>Microswitch SNAP ACTION</p> <p>Switches features: with lever</p> <p>Contacts confguration: SPDT</p> <p>AC contacts rating @R: 5A/250VAC, DC contacts rating</p> <p>@R: 5A/30VDC</p> <p>Switching method: ON-(ON)</p> <p>IP rating: IP40</p> <p>LIFE : 10 millions cycles</p> <p>Body dimensions: 19.8x6.4x9.5mm</p> <p>Operating temperature: -40 to 120°C</p> <p>Lever length: 16.7mm</p> <p>Leads: for soldering</p> <p></p>