Heavy duty keys

KLS H, CS, K and KS keys are made to resist hard environments.

CP and KS keys integrate an antidust system The number of key differs for all of our keys amounts to at least 2 millions  combinations!

Heavy duty keys

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<p><strong>Description and Technical Features </strong></p> <p>Gate locks are a single key access interlock suitable for use on hinged and sliding doors.</p> <p>This access lock has a mechanism to ensure that the key inserted to gain access cannot be removed until the door or guard has been securely closed and the </p> <p>bolt fully engaged. </p> <p>A floating bolt mounting bracket provides flexibility to accommodate misalignment.</p> <p><strong>Material:</strong> </p> <p> - Brass.</p> <p> - Stainless steel.</p> <p><strong>Finish:</strong></p> <p> - Red polyester paint on body, (-R);</p> <p> - Nickel finish on key entry (-N).</p> <p><strong>Options: </strong>   </p> <p> - Flip cap.</p> <p><strong>Weight</strong>: 600g.</p> <p></p>

K Key

<p><strong>Technical Features</strong></p> <p>2 millions combinations available</p> <p>Material: Brass key.</p> <p>Weight: 180g.</p> <p>Options:</p> <p>Engravings: 10 letters maximum(height:</p> <p>2,5mm.),engraving on both sides.</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description</strong></p> <p>For access locking of doors, cowling, robot machine guards, etc. </p> <p><strong>Material :</strong> </p> <p>body : stainless steel body (Inox 304)</p> <p>Cylinder : brass</p> <p><strong>Operation:</strong></p> <p>The key can only be extracted when the striker plate is engaged in the lock.</p> <p> - Key released - door closed; </p> <p> - Key trapped  - door open.</p> <p>Cylinders available for this lock : P, S, M, C, D</p> <p><strong>Options:</strong></p> <p>Front entrance for the striker plate.</p> <p>For other striker plates, please see accessories section at end of catalogue.</p> <p><strong>Weight</strong>: 490g. </p> <p></p>