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<p><strong>Description and Technical Features</strong></p> <p>1/4 turn valve, 2 way equipped with an integrated locking system which allows locking in the open and/or closed position.</p> <p>The operation of the valve is directly related to that of the key.</p> <p>Diameter of valve: 1/4’’(DN 7) and 3/8’’(DN 10);</p> <p>Body Material: Nickelled brass and stainless steel;</p> <p>Thread: Cylindrical BSP;</p> <p>Coupling: Female.</p> <p>Contact us for information on the specifc fuids and/or higher pressures.</p> <p><strong>Weight: 617g.</strong></p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description and Technical Features</strong></p> <p>For any other version of valve locking, we will adapt to your special needs.</p> <p>This applies to almost any kind of market for valves.</p> <p>Please contact us for your own project.</p> <p>Features:</p> <p> - Single or double interlock for redundancy on the system.</p> <p>Fixing plates are supplied together with locks for easy mounting installation.</p> <p>Option:</p> <p> - Electrical contact for feedback.</p> <p><strong>VALVE NOT SUPPLIED as a standard.</strong></p> <p></p>


<p>Description and Technical Features</p> <p>Attachment to panel by screw.</p> <p>Electrical contact: 1 normally open and 1 normally closed.</p> <p>Direction of key rotation: 1/4 turn to the right.</p> <p>Weight: 250g.</p> <p>Material:</p> <p> - Body: Stainless steel 304.</p> <p>Type of switch: HONEYWELL ZM Series</p> <p>Microswitch SNAP ACTION</p> <p>Switches features: with lever</p> <p>Contacts confguration: SPDT</p> <p>AC contacts rating @R: 5A/250VAC, DC contacts rating</p> <p>@R: 5A/30VDC</p> <p>Switching method: ON-(ON)</p> <p>IP rating: IP40</p> <p>LIFE : 10 millions cycles</p> <p>Body dimensions: 19.8x6.4x9.5mm</p> <p>Operating temperature: -40 to 120°C</p> <p>Lever length: 16.7mm</p> <p>Leads: for soldering</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description and Technical Features </strong></p> <p>Door locks are a single key access interlock suitable </p> <p>for use on hinged and sliding doors.</p> <p>Typical applications are access to ESP ash doors, </p> <p>quarrying, aggregates and pharmaceutical.</p> <p><strong>Material:</strong>       </p> <p> - Brass.</p> <p><strong>Options: </strong></p> <p> - Flip cap;</p> <p> - Red polyester paint on the body; </p> <p> - Nickel on the key entry.</p> <p><strong>Weight:</strong> 1 182 g.</p> <p></p>