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<p>Description</p> <p>Bolt interlock with 2 key entries</p> <p>One cylinder bolt lock with a bolt <img src="https://www.kls-locks.com/img/cms/simbolo-del-diametro.jpg" alt="" width="15" height="16" />15mm</p> <p> Bolt travel = 20mm</p> <p>Please refer to ordering information for various options of bolt IN dimensions</p> <p>Bolt is in until both keys are trapped - Function H (standard)</p> <p>Bolt is operated by trapping one key and at same</p> <p>time the other key is freed - function J (standard)</p> <p>Body : full body Brass, red polyester finish</p> <p>Torque : 17 N/m</p> <p>Weight: 900 g.</p>


<p><strong>Description and Technical Features</strong></p> <p>Bolt lock with 1 lockbolt and 2 keys.</p> <p><strong>BSM2Z-A:</strong></p> <p> Lockbolt out : L=18mm. Key 1 released. Key 2 captive.</p> <p> Lockbolt in : l=6mm. Key 1 captive. Key 2 released.</p> <p><strong>BSM2Z-C:</strong></p> <p> Lockbolt out : L=18mm. Keys 1 and 2 released.</p> <p> Insert key 2, turn 180°.</p> <p> Insert key 1, turn 180°.</p> <p> Lockbolt in : l=6mm. Keys 1 and 2 captive.</p> <p><strong>Possibilities:</strong></p> <p> - Lockbolt on the left; </p> <p> - Other options as per selector on next pages.</p> <p><strong>Options:</strong></p> <p> - Lockbolt with 15mm. diameter;</p> <p> - Lockbolt out : L=35mm.</p> <p><strong>Weight:</strong> 450g.</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description and Technical Features</strong></p> <p>This cylinder is for railway applications as well as power industry panels</p> <p> - Full metal cylinder, no plastic parts;</p> <p> - 360, 180, 90° clockwise or anti-clockwise rotation.</p> <p><strong>Weight:</strong> 100g.</p> <p></p>


<p>An emergency exit allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked by fire, etc.</p> <p>It is usually in a strategically located (e.g. in a stairwell, hallway, or other likely places) outward opening door with a crash bar on it and with exit signs leading to it.</p> <p>The name is a reference to when they were frequently used, however, a fire exit can also be a main doorway must be able to be unlocked from the inside of the room.</p> <p>A fire escape is a special kind of emergency exit, mounted to the outside of a building.</p> <p>KLS emergency door locks are supplied in KIT. Please specify the kid of key when requiring the product. <strong>NO INTERLOCKING POSSIBLITY</strong></p> <p></p>


<p>An emergency exit allows for faster evacuation, while it also provides an alternative if the route to the regular exit is blocked by fire, etc.</p> <p>KLS safety exit door locks are combined with an INTERLOCK cylinder providing a complete solution inside the interlocking proedure, when needed.</p> <p>For all technical information, please refer to GKM1Z lock in the interlock section</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description</strong></p> <p>Pressed steel case and striker Zinc dichromate plated steel bolts</p> <p>Chrome plated ABS knob</p> <p>5 pin brass double cylinder</p> <p>45 mm long Aluminium rods</p> <p>Strengthening plate</p> <p>Mechanism to be used for horizontal lock</p> <p>3 nickel plated steel keys </p> <p>Finish: Bronze or white epoxy</p> <p><strong>Option</strong></p> <p>Master pass, Double cylinder</p> <p>Right hand or Left hand</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Description</strong></p> <p>Pressed stainless steel case and striker 5 pin brass cylinder S type45 mm long Aluminium rods</p> <p>Strengthening plate</p> <p>keys S to be ordered seprately, please refer to interlock section for full information</p> <p>Finish: metal</p> <p><strong>Option</strong></p> <p>Master pass, Double cylinder</p> <p>Right hand or Left hand</p> <p>Available for S, P, F keys style.</p> <p>For heavy duty version K Keys, please contact us</p> <p></p>


<p><strong>Technical Features </strong> </p> <p>Material: Nickel-plated brass.</p> <p>Thickness: 1.9 (D type) or 2,1mm. </p> <p>Weight: 12g.</p> <p>Breaking torque: 5Nm.</p> <p>Options:</p> <p>Available in different profiles.</p> <p></p>


<p>Technical Features  </p> <p>Material: Nickel-plated brass.</p> <p>Thickness: 2.3mm. </p> <p>Weight: 12g.</p> <p>Breaking torque: 8Nm.</p> <p>Options:</p> <p>Available in different profiles.</p> <p></p>


<p>Technical Features</p> <p>Material: Black nylon key head. Key insert </p> <p>out of brass.</p> <p>1 700 000 different keys available.</p> <p>Weight: 10g.</p> <p>Breaking torque: 8Nm.</p> <p>Front face of the lock sticks out by 29,5mm.</p> <p>Engravings: 8 letters/figures maximum</p> <p>(2.5mm high).</p> <p></p>

Q Key

<p><strong>Technical Features</strong></p> <p>Material: Brass. </p> <p>Weight: 90g.</p> <p>Engravings: 10 letters maximum (height: </p> <p>2,5mm.), engraving on both sides.</p> <p></p>

A Key

<p><strong>Technical Features</strong></p> <p>Material: Brass or stainless steel key. </p> <p>Weight: 70g.</p> <p>Options:</p> <p>Engravings: 10 letters maximum (height: </p> <p>2,5mm.), engraving on both sides.</p> <p></p>