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Stainless steel locks

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<p><strong>Description and Technical Features </strong></p> <p>The Bolt Interlock range is used in switchgear control to inhibit movement of cams, toggles or levers.</p> <p>One cylinder bolt lock with a bolt <img src="" alt="" width="11" height="12" /> 16mm.</p> <ul> <li>   Bolt in        - 6mm. (standard L);</li> <li>   Bolt out      - 24mm.  (L+20); <span style="white-space:pre;"> </span></li> <li>   Bolt travel   - 18mm.  (B).</li> </ul> <p>Key is trapped when the bolt is in.</p> <p></p> <p><strong>Options: </strong></p> <p>    • Different bolt extension; </p> <p><strong>Material:</strong> </p> <p>    • INOX316</p> <p><strong>Weight:</strong> 700g</p>


<p><strong>Description and Technical Features </strong></p> <p>Gate locks are a single key access interlock suitable for use on hinged and sliding doors.</p> <p>This access lock has a mechanism to ensure that the key inserted to gain access cannot be removed until the door or guard has been securely closed and the bolt fully engaged. </p> <p>A floating bolt mounting bracket provides flexibility to accommodate misalignment.</p> <p><strong>Material:</strong> </p> <p> - Brass.</p> <p> - Stainless steel.</p> <p><strong>Finish:</strong></p> <p> - Red polyester paint on body, (-R);</p> <p> - Nickel finish on key entry (-N).</p> <p><strong>Options: </strong>   </p> <p> - Flip cap.</p> <p><strong>Weight:</strong> 600g.</p> <p></p>