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Lexicon on Solenoid locks


Solenoid locks are complex locking systems that require particular attention for their selection. 

Some important steps to do while choosing your locks:

- Voltage is AC or DC ? (this choice has an effect on the body size)

- What voltage is needed ? Several solenoid voltages are available (24V, 48V, 110V, 125V or 220V- AC or DC), not all of them are in stock, so delivery might be affected by this choice.

- Duty factor: we normally use 100% duty factor (the coils can be energized all the time), but to avoid heating, we suggest to put a push button to energize the coil only when the interlocking process is needed.

- Light is mostly a visual option to know when the coil is energized, we supply it inside the push button as our standard. Green color is also or standard.

- Solenoid/key interaction.  This is possibly the most tricky point to choose. 

When selecting this point, we suggest you to provide us with the written step by step needs, how you want the key in the initial position, how the solenoid enter in the figure.  To try make it simple we have following options: 

1 - Key is normally trapped, only by energizing the coil you free the key. Key can return to lock at any time.

2 - Key is normally free, you can take it anytime, but you can insert it in the lock only if coil is energized

3 - to free or to trap the key you need the soilenoid to be energized-

- Feedback : we can mount feedback switches to detect the movement of the key/keys, switches can be either signal or power contacts.

- Fixing : Same as the KEB locks we can provide panel flange mounting or through fixing holes

Electromechanical locks

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<p><strong>Description and Technical Features</strong></p> <p>These range of lock is same in function as CHE1P and CKE1P, but with compact style.</p> <p>Switch features:</p> <p> - Voltages available as per selector;</p> <p> - Duty factor 100%;</p> <p>Protection index IP40.</p> <p><strong>Options</strong>:</p> <p> - Engraving on cylinder and/or on lock case.</p> <p><strong>Weight</strong>: 1500g.</p> <p></p>