Present in many countries and industrialized areas either directly or with a network of agents and resellers, KLS is your local partner for Safety Locking Products and Interlocks.

Nowadays, in modern industrial plants, we realize how important it is to install mechanisms that prevent false movements which put workers and machinery in danger. The global trend of outsourcing operations inevitably translates into the 'casualization’ of labor, which in turn leads to an increased risk of accidents through human error or deliberate violations. Well-designed interlocking systems can mitigate these risks - either by eliminating error or by greatly inhibiting the potential for violations.

We are a global leader in key interlock applications and we have the largest selection of such products globally. The key interlocking systems we offer, utilize locks and keys for sequential control of equipment and machinery to ensure safe operation.

While limit switches or padlocks and chains provide a lock-off capability, they do not provide any control over the sequence of operations, nor do they assure or confirm the status of the equipment to which they are fixed. So, removing a key from a padlock ensures neither that the equipment is locked nor its "open/closed" or "on/off" status. While a padlock and chain or limit switch may be suitable and sufficiently robust in low risk applications, they have virtually no mechanical integrity and are a minimal solution offering (at best) a visual restriction against unauthorized operation. Key interlock systems are always operator-friendly – they require no additional work effort from the operator than normal procedures would require and, most importantly, should never permit more than one key to be free at any one time. The message is, "keep it simple".


KLS Group is dedicated to ensure the safety of people and to avoid faulty operations in every exploitation conditions and installations.

We offer a wide range of Safety Interlocks and Interlocking solutions, such as: cam locks, rotary locks, bolt locks, door locks, solenoid controlled locks, sequential and modular key exchange boxes, electromechanical locks, lockout stations and lot of specially designed Interlocks and Safety Locking Products.

We are always open to work with our clients and meet their special and individual needs for Safety Interlocks.